Guardian Finance and Advocacy Services ("GFAS") is Southwest Michigan's largest service provider to people who are appointed a guardian, conservator, and payee/legal custodian.  The organization also serves as power of attorney and trustee; and offers a one-on-one money management program.

GFAS assists over 1,000 people, and through its various services:

  • ensures a person lives in a safe and comfortable environment
  • sees that financial resources are used for the direct benefit of the individual
  • makes responsible medical decisions for people unable to do so, and
  • helps promote financial health and independence for seniors

To be more specific, GFAS helps:

  • Veterans get and keep housing during the long wait to get their benefits
  • An elderly couple solve a financial crisis and save their home from foreclosure
  • A young woman win a court decision to end guardianship and be independent
  • Payee clients stretch a $698 monthly income and avoid homelessness
  • An elderly parent protect their assets from unscrupulous children
  • A dementia patient, with no other family, make medical treatment decisions